Lamboguiny Off The Street

Watch out as Lamboguiny helps take people off the street.


Love is Not Fair

Love is Not Fair

It has not been fair to me and I don’t know why . This time around I’m just tough on myself.

I don’t deserve to be like this.

I don’t deserve to be treated like this…… LOVE!


Chai!!! I know I’ve not been good to myself here.. Pardon me

Life is not fair!

I don’t like to being emotional about a relationship / friendship with someone I like. The Taurus is really showing himself and I’m getting tired of saying the whole thing over and over again. Maybe I said it in my mind and I thought he heard.

Despite everything if not nothing, I have proven and shown him that I truly love him. I hate to complain or act like I need attention.  But right now, it dawning on me that I’m in my own world. We are not on the same page yet.

I’m weak .. I just needed to say something here and let it go out of my mind.

Aside the friendship we keep and work we have together, I don’t know if things are working between the both of us.  

I hate to deceive myself and believe there is something and to him its like there is nothing.. we are just friends.. Life is not fair and I’m served with what I don’t deserve. Everyday I pray for things to change and I still believe in the love I have for him.

I hate to be in love with someone and I’m not getting the same treatment back.. It sucks and I look like a fool. He does not believe in it anymore.. I lost faith in it a long time ago and since when I met him, Its like LOVE  came in another form and I opened my heart for it again. I’m sad but I will get over it.

Its ok if he has stopped believing in the word ‘Love’ and I totally ‘understand’ even if I just assume I know it or understand what he mean. To anyone out there, it looks like I’m just talking and I look stupid but I’m sharing how I feel at the moment and It can happen to anyone in Love. You know it makes us do stupid things and this is part of it.

It is unfair that I’m not getting what I want and I won’t force it..

I feel alone.. I pray I get the love in return back..


Taurus Versus Aquarius

Note pls: The title will be used whenever I want to say something about them

They are two different people and the Aquarian is crazy about the Taurus.

End of story.


My Career – This should not be an Issue

I’m over 20 now and all my life I have listened to my Dad’s advice, lectures about career and becoming someone good in life. I didn’t for once ignore all these ‘advice’ while growing up but now I think I’m taking a big turn around against those ‘little talks’ we usually have.

Building my career has always been part of me since my childhood days. My parents never allowed us mingle or play with other kids cos they wanted us to be better and different from them. So in one sentence, I didn’t grow up having much friends at home. I had a lot of friends back then in school and once school is over, I’m back at home alone again with no ‘friend’ to play with. It got to a stage we were never allowed to bring friends to our home. It was an issue then and till now I still find it difficult to tell my friends to come check on me once in a while cos it was part of our up bringing.

Back to building my career cos I’m over 20 now and I remember well when I was growing up, My dad would say, Once I’m 18, I will be left to this and that but I see he is not letting go so I have to let go. Right now, It is not easy but I know I will pass this stage. My Dad wants me to become a Chartered Accountant and Now I work as a Social Media Marketer. I started working in the entertainment industry 3 years back while I was still in school and I fell in love with my job and now things have changed. My dad never liked  the kind of job I do and most times I lie to him just to allow him leave me alone.

Like I said, things have changed. I have gotten to this stage of ‘re discovering’ yourself with the help of a friend and my prayers God answered. So now it is more of what he wants than what I want for myself and what I can build myself on. Social Media is taking the world in a different turn and I see that It is not ‘acceptable’ in my own world. Despite all, I found few people who believe in the kind of vision I have for my work and myself ( God bless them).

Really and truly, I’ve always been ‘Daddy’s Girl‘ I mean amongst I and my siblings, I’m still a good girl and I’ve always been a good girl. But now, things have to change cos I need to follow my dreams of becoming one of Nigeria’s (and beyond) Online Social Media Expert and also pursue other things I’ve always wanted to achieve. My Dad wants me to a do the 9 to 5 job and I’m not that type of person really and truly. He wants me to be this and that and its all because I’m the first born.


I’ve been keeping this all to myself but i just wanted to pour it out cos I know I’m not the only facing ‘Be the one and only person in a chosen career’ at home. I know that so well.

I’ve decided to go on my own since and there’s no looking back cos right now all i strive to be is the best and nothing else. I really need to inspire and believe in myself and I know others will see the light through me.

I believe so much in myself and I thank those who believe in me now and in advance.

He Inspires Me

  I didn’t want my title to be long cos I want to describe someone I cherish so much right now. So please bear with me cos I need to do this quick.

He Inspires me.. Yes!! I said so but how will someone in my imagination inspire me?

Figure it out in my previous posts, he is not just in my imagination but he is a part of me. Well, I don’t know how to praise people or lie to them because I want to ‘sing your praise’. I never told him for once that he inspires me I’m sure he is going say ‘WOW!!’ lol!!!!! I always want to learn around him and most times imitate what he does. Don’t mind me, I always feel like that when am around him.

Quote: “If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.

The quote above describes how I feel right now. Every minute, every second I thank God I found him. I don’t know if he found me first but I’m glad I learn when am around him. Its not easy to find such people tho’ and when you have them around you, just be yourself and let your spirit flow with the person. God is author of all creation and he gives us all wisdom, knowledge to do the things we can do today. I thank God for that and for also sending ‘him’ to me cos ‘He Inspires Me :)’

She is Back

Dear Aquarian Readers, I’m so sorry for not updating my blog for the past two months. Well,  a lot has happened and I can’t to share them in my future posts.

My posts here will be frequent from time to time.

Thanks for your understanding.. Image

Happy New Month Everyone

Happy New Month to all my readers, visitors and friends. I wish us all the best this new month. I have a lot of taurus people in my life too. My two sisters, my friends Lee, AYR, Bukky N, Lola I can’t even remember some of them right now.

Talking about new posts on this blog… Err!!! I know I’m guilty of not being consistent. I’ll try my best to be more frequent with my posts.

All the best in this new month guys.



Taurus Versus Aquarius Part 1

This is not world war 2 neither is it Titanic nor Romeo and Juliet. Its about two people and they have different zodiac names.

The story started sometime last year , the aquarian met the Taurus online from a social network site. Truly, it was just one those online fans/stalkers you have considering the kind of work you do.

deep sigh!!!

The Taurus started as a stalker tho’ and now we are ‘tolerating’ each other. Meaning we talk and we didn’t start talking like that but once in a while we say ‘hi’ , ‘hello’ and all that.

Anyways, I’m not here to bore you but I just want to share few things I like about this Taurus.

He is one of the few people someone would want to have in the present and also pray to have in the future. (Not singing his praises)

He’s matured… iLike

He is unpredictable.

He likes to play mind games and that can be crazy cos you need to be able to solve puzzles.

Above all, I’m thinking….. Never mind -_-

The question is: when did we start talking? Like for real I can’t remember.

The taurus is too proud to talk to the aquarian and likewise the aquarian was too busy to share what she had for the taurus.

In a short while, all this will be clear.

Wait till my next post for the continuation..