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Taurus Versus Aquarius

Note pls: The title will be used whenever I want to say something about them

They are two different people and the Aquarian is crazy about the Taurus.

End of story.



Taurus Versus Aquarius Part 1

This is not world war 2 neither is it Titanic nor Romeo and Juliet. Its about two people and they have different zodiac names.

The story started sometime last year , the aquarian met the Taurus online from a social network site. Truly, it was just one those online fans/stalkers you have considering the kind of work you do.

deep sigh!!!

The Taurus started as a stalker tho’ and now we are ‘tolerating’ each other. Meaning we talk and we didn’t start talking like that but once in a while we say ‘hi’ , ‘hello’ and all that.

Anyways, I’m not here to bore you but I just want to share few things I like about this Taurus.

He is one of the few people someone would want to have in the present and also pray to have in the future. (Not singing his praises)

He’s matured… iLike

He is unpredictable.

He likes to play mind games and that can be crazy cos you need to be able to solve puzzles.

Above all, I’m thinking….. Never mind -_-

The question is: when did we start talking? Like for real I can’t remember.

The taurus is too proud to talk to the aquarian and likewise the aquarian was too busy to share what she had for the taurus.

In a short while, all this will be clear.

Wait till my next post for the continuation..

Page 22 of 366 Days

Its been a while since I dropped a post here and I will say that a lot has been happening to me. I don’t know where to start from but I just feel like I want to pour out my heart a little bit here and move on to greater things.

Since the year began, some things that were happening in my life, I was not happy about it. I don’t how to describe it really but it has just been there. January didn’t start off the way it was expected really, but I thank God for life and my family. I’m extremely grateful. Like I said, no new year resolutions so I’m want to be the best I can be in everything I do. Its extra hard work this year and its a money making year for me :).

So far, nothing really has happened .. Its been boring … *yawns*

Anyways, I’m happy it the Aquarius season and I’m going to enjoy myself.

#Aquarius Daily Reminder: Karma is all about positive energy. Put more into the world, the more you receive. Do good with good intentions!

The #Aquarius are the type that can laugh at themselves, even when they’re mad. We’re insane. I found myself in that situation most times and all I do is laugh…

#Aquarius tend to accidentally ignore the world to be in their own little world. I try as much as possible to make myself happy at all times. No one can take my joy, no one can stop my joy. I have to be happy.

Till my next post… Love and Kisses!!! Xoxo

Hello Friends

Wow!! I’m here now.. This blog is just to share life experiences of an Aquarius. I hope you all enjoy reading my posts. See y’all

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