Life is not fair!

I don’t like to being emotional about a relationship / friendship with someone I like. The Taurus is really showing himself and I’m getting tired of saying the whole thing over and over again. Maybe I said it in my mind and I thought he heard.

Despite everything if not nothing, I have proven and shown him that I truly love him. I hate to complain or act like I need attention.  But right now, it dawning on me that I’m in my own world. We are not on the same page yet.

I’m weak .. I just needed to say something here and let it go out of my mind.

Aside the friendship we keep and work we have together, I don’t know if things are working between the both of us.  

I hate to deceive myself and believe there is something and to him its like there is nothing.. we are just friends.. Life is not fair and I’m served with what I don’t deserve. Everyday I pray for things to change and I still believe in the love I have for him.

I hate to be in love with someone and I’m not getting the same treatment back.. It sucks and I look like a fool. He does not believe in it anymore.. I lost faith in it a long time ago and since when I met him, Its like LOVE  came in another form and I opened my heart for it again. I’m sad but I will get over it.

Its ok if he has stopped believing in the word ‘Love’ and I totally ‘understand’ even if I just assume I know it or understand what he mean. To anyone out there, it looks like I’m just talking and I look stupid but I’m sharing how I feel at the moment and It can happen to anyone in Love. You know it makes us do stupid things and this is part of it.

It is unfair that I’m not getting what I want and I won’t force it..

I feel alone.. I pray I get the love in return back..



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