My Career – This should not be an Issue

I’m over 20 now and all my life I have listened to my Dad’s advice, lectures about career and becoming someone good in life. I didn’t for once ignore all these ‘advice’ while growing up but now I think I’m taking a big turn around against those ‘little talks’ we usually have.

Building my career has always been part of me since my childhood days. My parents never allowed us mingle or play with other kids cos they wanted us to be better and different from them. So in one sentence, I didn’t grow up having much friends at home. I had a lot of friends back then in school and once school is over, I’m back at home alone again with no ‘friend’ to play with. It got to a stage we were never allowed to bring friends to our home. It was an issue then and till now I still find it difficult to tell my friends to come check on me once in a while cos it was part of our up bringing.

Back to building my career cos I’m over 20 now and I remember well when I was growing up, My dad would say, Once I’m 18, I will be left to this and that but I see he is not letting go so I have to let go. Right now, It is not easy but I know I will pass this stage. My Dad wants me to become a Chartered Accountant and Now I work as a Social Media Marketer. I started working in the entertainment industry 3 years back while I was still in school and I fell in love with my job and now things have changed. My dad never liked  the kind of job I do and most times I lie to him just to allow him leave me alone.

Like I said, things have changed. I have gotten to this stage of ‘re discovering’ yourself with the help of a friend and my prayers God answered. So now it is more of what he wants than what I want for myself and what I can build myself on. Social Media is taking the world in a different turn and I see that It is not ‘acceptable’ in my own world. Despite all, I found few people who believe in the kind of vision I have for my work and myself ( God bless them).

Really and truly, I’ve always been ‘Daddy’s Girl‘ I mean amongst I and my siblings, I’m still a good girl and I’ve always been a good girl. But now, things have to change cos I need to follow my dreams of becoming one of Nigeria’s (and beyond) Online Social Media Expert and also pursue other things I’ve always wanted to achieve. My Dad wants me to a do the 9 to 5 job and I’m not that type of person really and truly. He wants me to be this and that and its all because I’m the first born.


I’ve been keeping this all to myself but i just wanted to pour it out cos I know I’m not the only facing ‘Be the one and only person in a chosen career’ at home. I know that so well.

I’ve decided to go on my own since and there’s no looking back cos right now all i strive to be is the best and nothing else. I really need to inspire and believe in myself and I know others will see the light through me.

I believe so much in myself and I thank those who believe in me now and in advance.


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