He Inspires Me

  I didn’t want my title to be long cos I want to describe someone I cherish so much right now. So please bear with me cos I need to do this quick.

He Inspires me.. Yes!! I said so but how will someone in my imagination inspire me?

Figure it out in my previous posts, he is not just in my imagination but he is a part of me. Well, I don’t know how to praise people or lie to them because I want to ‘sing your praise’. I never told him for once that he inspires me I’m sure he is going say ‘WOW!!’ lol!!!!! I always want to learn around him and most times imitate what he does. Don’t mind me, I always feel like that when am around him.

Quote: “If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.

The quote above describes how I feel right now. Every minute, every second I thank God I found him. I don’t know if he found me first but I’m glad I learn when am around him. Its not easy to find such people tho’ and when you have them around you, just be yourself and let your spirit flow with the person. God is author of all creation and he gives us all wisdom, knowledge to do the things we can do today. I thank God for that and for also sending ‘him’ to me cos ‘He Inspires Me :)’


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