My Hiding Place… My Secret Place

My hiding place is where I hide whatever it is that is happening in my life. I hate keeping diaries.. thank God for Blogs .. I can always come here anytime and share my thoughts freely and in as much as I hate Diaries, I wrote some years back in 2007  and I still have them. I stopped writing about everything in 2010/11.

I know deep within I will not be able to keep this blog well but I will make sure I come here and share my life experiences.  I have a lot to share and I also have alot of questions to ask.

That is why I call this place my hiding place.. my secret.  Some of my friends don’t know I keep this blog. I want other people to share what I have in my life. The Good , Bad , Ugly. And errm!!! If ‘he’ wants to know more too, he can come here .. Lol!!! 🙂

So don’t be surprise if the blog is not well kept and updates are not coming in .. I want to be true to myself here and leave the fake life behind. Its not useful and it never helped in anyway. I’ve always want to be truthful to myself cos I don’t know how to please people not even those who are close to me. I hate eye service so I want to free my wings here and fly.

Till my next post.. xoxo :* ♥


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