New Year Resolution!

New Year Resoultions

New Year Resoultions

Seriously, what does it mean to you? I don’t believe in it. I still don’t understand what it means in this part of the world. Some people before us probably misused it and we’ve lost the meaning.

According to what I learnt when I was younger, New Year Resolution is a period close to the end of a year when you write out things you don’t want to do in the coming year or New year. That is what I’ve known since when I was a teenager. For the past few years, I tried writing out my own Resolutions so I don’t ‘carry last’ when others are writing out their own.

I remember when I was young, I wrote out some things I didn’t want to do again and I noticed I was following the list I wrote in the new year but could not continue when I got to the first quarter of the year. Along the line, I noticed its not just by writing out New year resolutions out but it is when you determine in your heart that you want to stop doing some certain things. I realized writing the list of things I didn’t want to do again didn’t work so I was hopeless about it and I saw that it was useless.

Later in my growning years, I decided not to write anything about New year resolutions cos it didn’t work for me. I later realized I just have to be determined about my decisions in life it. They say old habits die hard, but when ou determine you want to drop it, you will. Its all about determination and not writing something in a piece of paper waiting for a fairy God-mother to change your old habits.

It worked for me cos I was determined and since then I stopped writing new year resolutions. I don’t know what it means to other people. But if you believe in it, Good luck to you. I have decided o be determined and work hard in 2012. I wish us all the best in everything we do.

Till my next post xoxo!


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