Christmas is almost here!! Yaaay!!

christmas is 10days away

christmas is 10days away

As at today, it’s just 10days to christmas and everyone is trying to make this year’s celebration exceptional. It’s another time for families to come together, pray together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I’m so happy we all made to the last month of the year and celebration will not cease in our homes.

This is the period where we buy gifts for our loved ones and share with them. Most people visit the motherless babies home, Prisons, Destitute homes to share christmas with them cos’ it’s all about love and sharing and the reason we do this is because Jesus is the reason for the season. I wish us all a Merry christmas and a fruitful 2012.

Till my next post… Love and kisses!!!!


4 responses

  1. Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

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  2. Happy holidays to you aquarian

  3. Merry xmas to you!!!

  4. A merry xmas to you and a wonderful 2012 ahead …

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