Real Love And Offline Love … Sigh!

This is not a secret but I just want to share what I learnt or what life has taught me about LOVE. There is True Love and there is no love too sometimes. Life serves us our meal on different plates. Some people enjoy what they call ‘ LOVE” and some people have not tasted what true ‘Love’ is really like.

Let me say I’m in between…. lol!!! But… I don’t even know where to start from.. It’s about Love.

I met this guy some time in August 2010 some where, some place, a city people call Facebook. He said he had a crush on me.. Crush , ‘Crish’, Crashed Love you say!


He fell in ‘Love’ with me cos that was what he said when we finally got talking online. Everyday chat on Y!messenger. Email, Facebook chat + messages, Facebook wall, Twitter etc.. and we  got fond of each other with time. There was this online closeness despite the fact that we didn’t know each other that much and we have not met physically. We had our facebook pictures online and also when we upload new pictures on our wall. (Is that love? you say!)

Our online love grew from just sending online messages and we  started calling each other. He called first.. then later I called.. then he calls and i call and it moved … the love grew on the note.

I y life, I’ve never experienced Online love or what people call Facebook love .. But this was happening to me … And I remember I make jest of people who sing this song by Jaywon and Essence ‘Facebook Love’ and I say they are only dreaming. Well, I was dreaming and My name then was Alice in Wonderland.. Shit!!! how could I have fallen for that guy.. He was somewhere in Belgium and I was in Nigeria and we were sharing love over the internet and I didn’t see it as Shit!! when we started cos’ I was enjoying it ..

Well, My share in this whole Cinderella story is that I didn’t get the true love I’ve always wanted.. don’t mind me, I read alot of books about Love but its time I face reality.. There’s no such love found in the city of Facebook… Excuse me!

I know my own “True Love” will come.. 🙂 When he finally comes, I will share it with you all..

Oh! I forgot to say we broke up September 2011.. Yes! cos it didn’t work after we saw each other at the end … But we smiled happily ever after..


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