Life at this point!

I always wonder why everything don’t work well as planned. At times, I feel I’ve been deprived of something that I want so badly and I ask myself,Has Life been fair to me?

There are so many things I desire so much and I also want them. They say life has two sides; The good and the bad. Everyone wants something good and their heart desires and wishes too. “Be yourself, live your dreams, go after what you want. There are only so many chances. If you want it, go get it.” I’ve always been ME, I don’t imitate people or act in another man’s skin to get what I want.

This brings us back to where we started and it makes us ask ‘questions’ and also wandering why things aren’t working so well.

Life has its good side and the other side, Life has been fair, good, bad and sometimes ugly. Life has made so many people ask questions, Life has also provided answers to many out there. Life has this point is making ask a trillion questions at the same time and I expect answers.

Life oh Life! The precious gift from God. Life is a gift and we must all appreciate it Good or bad and not forgetting to always give Thanks to God for it.

Life for me at this point is just a new chapter and to get the right answers about my so many questions, I need to ask God ’bout it.


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  1. Man its cold af!! Now it just needs to get colder and snow! Cant wait till Aquarius Season!

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